Gregor Shiraz 2019 | Pick & Mix

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Deep red. 


A wonderfully complex wine with flavours of blackberries and plums, hints of Anise and toasty oak. 


Dark This is a full-bodied wine, is rich and velvety in texture with a refined balance in acid structure and tannins. A sumptuous finish that just keeps on giving. 


This is an Amarone style wine made from Shiraz grapes. The grapes are hand-picked, just before flavour ripeness, into individual 10kg buckets and then laid out onto separate racks to dry. The drying is carried out in a purpose built, fully insulated shed complete with high intensity air fans to aid the drying process. The length of drying time varies each year and is influenced by a variety of factors including the ripeness of the grape, the ambient heat and humidity and the flavour on tasting. The drying process intensifies the flavours of the grape without losing any of the natural acids present in the grape on picking. The Baumé of the grape is increased during this process by between 0.5 ° and 1.5 °. After drying the grapes are processed into wine.